Course Curriculum
Identification of specific tools in different types of emergency kits that have to be available in the endovasclar suite. Early detection of endovasclar emergency during the intervention as acute thrombosis, arterial perforation or rupture and retrieval of foreign body from endovascular tools. How complication can happen, how to avoid, how to treat, and which emergency kit you need to deal with each complications. The aim beside achieving the Intended Learning Objectives (ILOs) is to raise the educational professional level of attendants to pass the 1st part examination easily.

First Part Course Curriculum (Cairo)
First Part Course Curriculum consists of three Pillars:
A series of fully dedicated state of the art lectures on different fields of Peripheral Endovascular Intervention for PAOD. Three lectures every day, one hour duration each.
Hands on workshop will be one session daily of two hours duration through five days.
Attendance of diagnostic & interventional angiographies In PAOD patients in the cath-lab daily for five days.
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Second Part Course Curriculum (Kiel)
Second Part Course Curriculum:
The Kiel Interventional Endovascular Course (KIEC) is the second part of the Endovascular Practice Optimization Course. It is designed for selected physicians who before hand have documented their interest and have board approved and passed successfully the examination in basic skills in peripheral endovascular interventional procedures in the first part of the Fellowship of Peripheral Endovascular Intervention (FEIN) in Cairo, Egypt.
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